Black Lives, Gray Matter :


In a society where Black mothers are three times more likely to lose their children to police violence than other mothers, these brave women endure the mourning of their children while advancing the fight for everyone else’s Human Rights. 

Black lives, gray matter: 


The Black Lives, Gray Matter Symposium is a an outreach speaking series that centralizes the effects of police brutality and social media's part in spreading indirect trauma that has drastic consequences on the socio-emotional well being of humans, especially persons of color.  The mothers of police brutality victims share their personal stories and help build action plans for healing and coping within school communities. 

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Revolution of the angry black womxn:

visual Installation

rEVOLution of the Angry Black Womxn invites viewers to digest the often silenced realities of social trauma experienced by Black womxn told by Black womxn themselves. This work is important in this crucial era where trauma informed identity lies at the intersections of movements like #BlackLivesMatter & #MeToo.