In a society where Black mothers are three times more likely to lose their children to police violence than other mothers, these brave women endure the mourning of their children while advancing the fight for everyone else’s Human Rights.

Alicia Garza  Co-Founder, Black Lives Matter

Alicia Garza

Co-Founder, Black Lives Matter

Black women as actors in peace-building and violence prevention:

Everyone has a mother. In telling the impact of violence through a mother’s perspective, many will find a personal connection to the narratives. The project focuses on the lens of Black women and Black queer women specifically. 

Gwen Carr  Mother, Eric Garner

Gwen Carr

Mother, Eric Garner

Elevating black women as agents of peace:

Each featured story in this project epitomizes the often silenced efforts of resiliency, will, and perseverance that drives Black women's determination in advancing the wellbeing of others despite their own personal struggles. In capturing actions such as public speaking, engagement in the judicial system to change laws, and organizing efforts in local communities, this project magnifies Black women's efforts towards peace in our society.

Samaria Rice  Mother, Tamir Rice

Samaria Rice

Mother, Tamir Rice

Film Synaposis:

As we follow current day realities of courageous Black women, we witness their challenge to reclaim identity outside of the tragedies that shaped our national headlines. We sympathize in their attempt at managing daily tasks and self-care once the news cameras have disappeared and social media stops using their child’s name as a hashtag. Through an exploration of life before tragedy and resurfaced trauma each time a new case occurs, this film highlights the galvanized efforts to heal for a group of women bonded to a club they did not ask to belong to.